July 18, 2019

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Composix Kugel Mesh Patch Lawsuit

Hernia Mesh Surgery

Dealing with the pain of a hernia is hard. It can be unbearable adding the pain of dealing with an additional complication caused by a defective hernia patch. This is the situation in which thousands of patients have found themselves following the implantation of the Composix Kugel Mesh patches during hernia repair surgery.

What is Composix Kugel Mesh?

This surgical mesh was developed for use in hernia repair surgeries. Unlike other mesh patches in the market, Composix Kugel Mesh is designed to fold and can therefore be inserted through a small abdominal incision. This is made possible by the memory recoil ring. The ring allows the patch to spring back open once it is in place over the affected area where it lies flat.

The mesh patch was approved in 1996 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for hernia repair surgery. However, reports of various complications arising from the use of the implant have been reported.


The memory coil ring included in the Composix Kugel Mesh Patch, though beneficial for reducing the invasiveness of the hernia repair surgery has one major flaw. The ring has been shown to break or buckle under stress during placement. This results in painful and potentially life-threatening complications.

Some complications that have been reported involving the use of the mesh patch include:

  • the formation of abscess in the stomach

  • distention of the stomach

  • bowel obstruction

  • bowel paralysis

  • tenderness of the abdomen

  • external fistulas

  • collection of fluid in the stomach

  • peritonitis

  • pelvic inflammation

  • intestinal perforation

  • sepsis

  • surgical site drainage

  • severe abdominal pain

Common signs of mesh failure include nausea, fever, abnormal bowel movements, diarrhea, distention of the abdomen, and tenderness of the abdomen.

Recall of Composix Kugel Mesh

Composix Kugel mesh patches were produced in different sizes and types. Over the years, many of these products have been recalled from the market by Bard Davol Inc. Bard has issued notices to health practitioners and facilities worldwide to discontinue the use of various products. The notices stated the specific product codes and lot numbers of the defective products.

The company also took it a step further to redesign the product. Bard improved the integrity of the ring, making it four times stronger than it was. Bard also increased the overlap and made changes to the ring’s size.

This however, has come too late for many patients who are suffering the consequences of the complications related to the use of these hernia mesh products. Many patients are filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of the mesh products for compensation for these complications.

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