July 18, 2019

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Household Cleaners

When I think of defective products I think of a ladder that collapses when stepped on or a car that has malfunctioning brakes. But, defective products do not have to be that blatantly defective. Household cleaners, for example, have chemicals that if used improperly may be highly toxic.  And if your household cleaners are not properly labeled to warn users of the risks of improper use, these under-the-kitchen-sink products may be injurious and are defective.

And have you checked out your lettuce lately? That’s right, lettuce, like what rabbits nibble on, may also be the basis of a defective product liability lawsuit. In August 2012, many shipments of lettuce were recalled because of an E. coli contamination. This is an example of a manufacturer defect because Romaine lettuce in itself is not defective (sorry vegetable-haters) and it was not an inadequate warning that made the lettuce harmful. The E. coli only contaminated specific shipments of the lettuce, making it a manufacturer-type defect.

The point is, if you were harmed by something that doesn’t fit your idea of a typical “defective product” you probably still have a claim and deserve compensation for your injury. We are all consumers and there is an expectation of safety with the products we consume. If that expectation is unexpectedly violated it’s your right to file a lawsuit.